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This is exactly what I came to Seattle for: unforgettable seafood.


These fine shellfish products that are available at Taylor Oyster Bars. From the infamous geoduck to our exclusive Shigoku oyster, we specialize in the freshest farm-to-table shellfish in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Taylor Oyster Bars offer acclaimed Taylor Shellfish products in a casual, neighborhood setting with a variety of beverage options to wash them down. Come see us soon and “celebrate the oyster!”

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Manila Clams

Venerupis philippinarum: Manilas are favored by chefs because of their sweetness, their ease of opening upon being steamed, their long shell life, and their dramatically varied colorful shell patterns.



Dungeness Crab

Cancer magister: Delicious, luscious, palatable, tasty – darn good to eat. Ranging from California’s Channel Islands to Adak, Alaska, crabs were first harvested by daring sportsmen using homemade pots. It was certainly a brave soul who first decided to capture and eat this well-armored, bottom-dwelling, fierce-looking




Panopea abrupta: Our whole geoduck is Live and packaged to protect its flavor and texture. The neck meat has a deliciously mild flavor with the crisp “crunchy” texture of a cucumber. The body has a slightly milder, more subtle flavor. Geoduck is prized at sushi bars because it goes well with other flavors.



Mediterranean Mussels

Mytilus galloprovincialis: Our mussels have a delicate, yet complex flavor and a buttery texture. A traditional delicacy of continental Europe, they have been embraced by connoisseurs here in America. Their smooth glossy blue/black elongated shells protect the tasty treat within.



Kumamoto Oyster

Crassostrea sikamea: Introduced to Washington from the Kumamoto prefecture in southern Japan in 1947. Small deep cup, sculptured, fluted shell, uniform size and shape with clean, sweet, nutty flavor.


Olympia Oyster

Ostrea lurida: Native to the West Coast. Only as big as a fifty cent piece. Sweet, coppery flavor. Distinctive metallic finish. We like Olys taken cold, glistening and uncompromised, directly from their shells.


Pacific Oyster

Crassostrea gigas: First introduced from Japan to Samish Bay, WA in 1905. Nicely cupped 2.5 to 3.5 inch shell with pronounced flutes. Shell color varies from whitish-grey to greenish to brown to nearly black. Flesh is white to chestnut with grey to bright black mantles. Fresh, clean, briny-sweet flavor.


Shigoku Oyster

Crassostrea gigas: Meaning ultimate in Japanese. “A small, dense, cornucopia of an oyster (with) a light, clean taste of cucumber and salt, (and) a finish of water chestnut and Jerusalem artichoke. They grow in floating bags, but are attached to stationary lines and floats that rise and fall with the tides, the result being that the oysters get tumbled twice a day, which continuously chips off the oysters’ growing edge and forces them to ‘cup up,’ getting scoop-shaped and pushing against the limits of their shell as they grow”. From Rowan Jacobsen, author of “Geography of Oysters”.



Crassostrea virginica: Introduced to San Francisco Bay from the East Coast in 1869 and to Willapa Bay, WA in the 1890s. Attractive pear-shaped shell with a somewhat flat top shell and slightly concave bottom shell. The meat color is a beige-cream with a thin slightly black or brown-trimmed mantle. The flavor combines a clean, briny, smooth sweetness with a pronounced mineral finish.

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