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Melrose Market 2nd Annual Holiday Tasting and Gift Idea Day. December 15th 2-5pm

Holiday Taste & Gift Day


Melrose Market would like to invite everyone to the 2nd Annual Holiday Tasting and Gift Idea Day.  December 15th 2012 2-5pm.

The small businesses at Melrose Market would like to invite you to taste the best the northwest has to offer to make your holiday celebrations the best they can be.  Join us on December 15th from 2-5 pm for ideas that will make this holiday feast one to remember.

Taylor Shellfish: Jane Meuter from Chinook & Co will be sampling out her family’s own amazing smoked and jarred Sockeye from south east Alaska.  Amazing products with a great story that makes a terrific gift. Joining Jane will be Gene from Kutinov Caviar from Olympia Washington. Gene will be sampling some of the freshest, locally sourced Ikura you’ll ever get your hands on!

 Calf & Kid:  PARMESAN BREAKING RIGHT AT 2PM. Join Sheri LaVigne as she breaks open a whole wheel of parmesan.  If you have never tasted a Parmesan wheel freshly broken open… here is your chance. There is nothing like it!  Then stick around to taste the best alternative to a cracker for your cheese, Simple & Crisp dehydrated fruit crisps.

Marigold & Mint:  Katherine Anderson offers much more than the most beautiful flowers arrangements in Seattle.  She will be tasting speciality preserves, including jams from the Northwest.  She also has some of the best gift ideas including books, soaps, cards and vases.  They have so many great and easy gifts for the person that has everything

Butter Home:  Claire is having a raffle on Saturday:  Spend $25.00 or more and be entered to win a $25.00 gift card.  Butter Home offers a huge variety of incredible gift ideas from locally made jewelry to fun housewares to sweet porcelain and vintage pieces. Another great place to find gifts for the person that has everything.

Bar FERD’ NAND: Marc will be tasting wine that will pair perfectly with all your holiday celebrations.  Take some time and talk with his knowledgeable staff to find that perfect wine.

Rain Shadow Meats:  Russ and Crew will be sampling our exclusive Prime Smoke, Double Smoked Ham and house made charcuterie.  The ham is double smoked with both apple wood & maple wood which gives this ham a true 100% natural smoke flavor.  Double smoking is a very traditional method developed in Eastern Europe making this ham unique and delicious. 

Our pâtés & terrines are made in house with northwest raised meat. Let us help you make the perfect Charcutiere platter to start the celebrations!

Homegrown Sandwiches:  Will be sampling some of their baked goods.

We at the Melrose Market are very proud of all that we offer.  Let us help you to make this holiday the best yet!



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